Regrinding service for electrodes

Our regrinding service helps your electrodes retain their professional polish

Affordable professional regrinding to maintain top quality

Our professional regrinding service means continued high quality, both electrodes and welding processes alike. Try to regrind them on site and you’ll waste resources, manpower and money.

9 advantages of our regrinding service:

  • Exceptional regrinding – the same quality standards as our manufacturing
  • Triples the service life compared to self-grinding
  • Eliminates the need for conventional regrinding
  • The higher the electrode quality, the finer the end product
  • You free up personnel and save time, effort and money for the company
  • Eliminate all the overheads for in-house sanders at a stroke
  • Scope to select and dispose of any reject material with the highest accuracy
  • We take individual customer requests into account
  • We deliver from a minimum batch size of just 100 pcs.

Higher quality:
Professionally ground electrodes

Professional grinding is the only way to ensure high-precision welding processes with consistently high industrial quality. Our CNC-ground electrodes streamline the process, are usable for longer and ensure a technically consistent and reliable production process.

Specific grinding geometry further boosts the tool life and grinding quality. And likewise, the careful selection of electrodes for further processing. When the screening finds pieces unusable due to being heavily soiled, bent or broken, they are removed and fed into the recycling system.

Higher profitability:
Save on money, time and resources

Companies save all three with our regrinding service. When the bigger picture and the economic efficiency of the overall process matters, top-quality grinding is how you gain a decisive product advantage.

There are huge differences between conventional and machine-industrial grinding on a CNC machine. The enormous impact on tool life for one thing. Our machine reground electrodes tend to be two to three times more usable compared to manual on-site regrinding. And don’t forget: Companies can also save on in-house overheads. You can eliminate grinding wheels, consumables, logistics and floor space for in-house grinding equipment at a stroke. Smoothing and streamlining the process in every sense.

Greater process efficiency:
Optimising by outsourcing

Companies need optimised process chains. We thoroughly examine each step of the process for quality and efficiency – particularly when it comes to potential in- or outsourcing of certain sub-processes. Clearly, the following applies when you regrind electrodes: Outsourced regrinding of industrial machines outperforms conventional in-house grinding. When we tally up the costs for the labour and equipment involved in internal grinding, they exceeded what our professional grinding service cost.

We can keep things perfectly precise too, even for smaller process steps, such as sorting heavily contaminated or damaged parts. And that’s how we avoid unnecessary work steps or premature rejection and keep the overall manufacturing process as streamlined as possible. Doing this turns a process variable into a constant and reliable process benchmark.

Optimise resource-saving:
Deploy your personnel more efficiently

Every company wants to use its employees, materials, time and space as efficiently as possible. Look no further than our machine-industrial grinding service for electrodes to help you along the way.

Especially when it comes to employees and time taken: Remember – regrinding is a highly specialist area. It is laborious and requires focus and concentration. You can expect regrinding 20 electrodes to take between 15 and 30 minutes. Outsourcing this means you can free up more personnel capacities to boost your manufacturing front-line revenue. True to the motto: Welding wins over grinding.

Higher service quality:
Scope to meet more individual requirements

Customers can leave all the regrinding work steps to use – or we simply refine and simplify the process as far as possible. And we keep customer wishes top of mind at all times. Depending on those wishes, we can use special cleaning agents, a specific grinding angle or package the reground electrodes in desired qualities or quantities to suit.

We can even track our reground electrodes once shipped. Using a laser code lets us trace back any special features or problems to the original batch and systematically eliminate them as required. Our regrinding processes comply with all ROHS, REACH and 3T conformity requirements too.

Regrinding service flyer (pdf)

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