TUNGSTIT compounds
A mix of tungsten and copper for even greater conductivity

TUNGSTIT® composite materials can withstand high thermal loads.

Tungsten-copper – a composite with a “conductive function”

TUNGSTIT® is powder metallurgically produced tungsten copper, that contains 70-90% tungsten. Its positive properties include:

  • A fully fibre-free microstructure
  • A fine-grained microstructure
  • Exceptional hardness
  • High modulus of elasticity

As an infiltrated composite, TUNGSTIT® due to its tungsten matrix exhibits a high arc erosion resistance and, thanks to copper as the infiltration metal, a higher electrical conductivity than tungsten.

Tungstit – properties


Tungsten-copper – a composite with a “conductive function”

TUNGSTIT® can be readily processed with carbide tools. Fine contours can easily break away if the cutting pressure is too high. That’s why we recommend a low feed rate or processing via grinding for this heterogeneous material.

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