Wolfram Industrie
More than just Tungsten

Tungsten products with the best practical service. Our customers trust how we’ve refined our services for the past 112 years.

Tungsten-based products
Made from the finest raw materials

We make products exclusively from 100% conflict-free material. High quality, high stability and a long service life are guaranteed.

Only the finest materials can meet the most demanding applications

Our tungsten materials include powder, granules, alloys or composites, all with the perfect set of properties to meet the most complex industrial requirements.

Testing tasks require special solutions

Wolfram Industrie will do whatever it takes to get the right results and deliverables - from one-off special production to a prototype for original products.


A family-run forward-looking firm, established since 1911

Meeting the most stringent industry demands of our time as a manufacturer and supplier, while forging relationships of trust with our customers, employees, suppliers and partner companies.


The Made-in-Germany quality and R&D

We go beyond just trading in tungsten products - we also make them ourselves in house. With R&D expertise and the finest raw materials from Europe, we create quality products.


Where market leadership and a pioneering approach join forces

We've become the go-to market leader for tungsten products. We’ve done this by combining corporate culture, innovation and ceaselessly striving for sustainable solutions and recycling processes. Nothing means more than that.