DOTIMET® Tungsten granulate
A bulk material with a high bulk density

All-purpose tungsten granulate that adapt to your every requirement.

Tungsten granulate that meets your requirements

Our tungsten granulate meets an almost limitless range of needs. We offer DOTIMET® as a bulk material with the following features:

  • Sorted grain classes with grain sizes up to 5 mm, also available as small plates
  • High bulk densities of 8 to 10.5 kg per cubic decimetre
  • High abrasion resistance of the individual grains
  • Minimum carbon and sulphur content for chemical analysis purposes

We take these properties into account individually or collectively, depending on how you want to use the products.


DOTIMET® – A tungsten granulate with high bulk density

While massive work pieces made of steel or iron only have a density not exceeding 7.8 g/cm³, the bulk weight of densely sintered tungsten particles can be higher even as closely packed bulk material. Coarse crystalline DOTIMET® tungsten granulates have a bulk weight of 8 to 10.5 g/cm³ per cubic decimetre depending on the grain size distribution.

Tungsten particles made from forged rods can even exceed these density values. That is why DOTIMET® tungsten particles with a high bulk weight are commonly used for versatile mass balancing. They generate greater mass forces than solid steel parts in the same space and offer inherent mobility alongside, which comes into its own for damping tasks in particular.

Tungsten powder as a chemistry aggregate

If tungsten is used as a chemical industry aggregate, it may have to meet further usage requirements. Special abrasion resistance demands have to be met in addition to the grain sizes of 0.5 to 2 mm required here. Our densely sintered DOTIMET® powders meet these requirements particularly well.

The material also has to be C and S-free. This ultra-stringent requirement is precisely monitored in DOTIMET® production with the most exact analysis methods. The coarse DOTIMET® granulate we use for this purpose exhibits the following characteristics:

DOTIMET WDC quality:
Grain size 0.5–2 mm
C residual content <5 ppm
S residual content <3 ppm

DOTIMET® has a small specific surface area, with a carbon and sulphur content that can be specifically reduced to a minimum for chemical analysis applications.

Another special feature of our tungsten granulate: It is also an effective electromagnetic radiation shield and usable whenever this safety requirement applies.

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