Our company philosophy

Genuine relationships with our customers, employees and suppliers go to the core of what we do.

For Wolfram Industrie, both people and nature are crucial

As a company that manufactures high-performance tungsten materials for demanding industry applications, we take our role towards people and the environment very seriously.

We want to be the global service and quality market leader when it comes to the finest tungsten-based products. We can only live up to this claim if our approach across the board, from development to the delivery of finished parts, aligns with what our customers want and expect.

We speak to customers in their language.
We forge relations of trust with our customers.
We agree with a handshake.

Wolfram Industrie Philosophie

We are aware that our success depends on the commitment of those who strive daily on our customers’ product ideas and develop solutions collectively by opening up new and unprecedented worlds of discovery.

We ensure a clear channel of communication with all employees.
We build loyal relationships with each other.
We give people a future-proof perspective.

Procuring the raw materials required, the increasingly global relationships with our customers and climate change are constantly presenting us with new challenges. We want to meet these at various levels and align our entrepreneurial actions accordingly.

We understand our role as an industrial company in environmental protection.
We consider our sustainable approach, both bigger picture and down to the finest detail.
We follow important guidelines and comply with ecological standards.

Wolfram Industrie Philosophie