TRIAMET® heavy metal
Tungsten-based heavy metal with a binder phase

We always get that little extra out of our tungsten-based composites.

Material composites – where properties and economic advantages come together

TRIAMET® Heavy metals – material-saving production in powder form

All TRIAMET® heavy metals are tungsten-based composite materials with a metallic binder phase. This binder phase comprises a range of constituents depending on the TRIAMET® family and largely determines the mechanical properties.

The main components of
TRIAMET® S: Tungsten, nickel and copper
TRIAMET® G: Tungsten, nickel and iron

The density of our TRlAMET® materials is in the range of 13.9 to 18.9 g per cubic metre. The higher the binder phase proportion, the greater the ductility and elongation at break. Higher densities and strengths are produced with lower proportions.

Triamet – properties

Wolfram Industrie Triamet G

Wolfram Industrie Triamet G2

Triamet – processing

Despite their high density, TRlAMET® materials are readily and affordably processable using common processing methods. In addition to good machinability, powder metallurgy production conserves material.

Triamet – applications

The excellent vibration damping properties are based on the high modulus of elasticity and the microstructure. Add to that effective heat resistance and a low coefficient of thermal expansion. This paves the way for numerous applications, like tools for hot forming and joining technology.

TRIAMET® heavy metals can also be used specifically to protect against radiation, given their high propensity to absorb high-energy electromagnetic radiation.

With TRIAMET® A, we developed a high-performance material especially for light metal casting, making problems with dimensional stability, fire cracks and adhesion a thing of the past.

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