Three locations – one common company goal

Leading the market in quality, worldwide.

That’s the cornerstone of Wolfram Industrie

Wolfram Draht-Fabrik GmbH came into being in 1911 in Berlin, as a company producing and processing tungsten and molybdenum. The company was renamed Gesellschaft für Wolfram Industrie mbH in 1928 and relocated to Traunstein in 1943, where it was able to set up workrooms in an annex of the traditional Wochinger brewery.

Company founder and grandfather of the current owner Marion Freifrau von Cetto laid the foundation stone of her own business premises at Permanederstraße 34 in 1954. 20 years later, the current owner Marion Freifrau von Cetto took over the company from her mother and partner Helga Freifrau von Cetto.
Wolfram Industrie office in Traunstein

Enlarging the production scope

With the purchase of Bayerische Metallwerke GmbH in Dachau in 1991, Wolfram Industrie considerably expanded its product range. Since then, we have been regarded as a reliable partner company for tungsten and molybdenum. We have become a globally trusted name, thanks to products with high-quality properties and our unique solutions and custom-made products for the industrial sector.

Wolfram Industrie office in Dachau

Bayerische Metallwerke GmbH
Leitenweg 5
85221 Dachau

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» GPS coordinates: 48.2737429, 11.4443958

Tel. +49 (0) 8131 703-100
Fax. +49 (0) 8131 703-102

Research and production centre in Switzerland

In 2018, Wolfram Industrie opened another location in Winterthur. On one hand, we aim to enhance our proximity to our customers in Switzerland and intensify our local service for welding electrodes, measurement and erosion technology, and radiation shielding materials. On the other hand, the new location is set to focus on research and development in the field of application technology for arc processes.

In Winterthur, we are launching new test series and pilot projects in the field of welding technology. These include planning ergonomic workplaces for tungsten processing, and developing safer and more efficient re-grinding procedures and welding processes. The more intensively we test innovative alloys and special electrode geometries, the greater the scope to minimise the wear of the tungsten electrode in use.

We also offer a digitally trackable marking system for tungsten electrodes. This unique system to date supports process monitoring and is relevant for space technology to ensure high-quality weld seams for demanding applications under extreme conditions.

Research and production centre in Switzerland

Wolfram Industrie GmbH
Klosterstrasse 36
8406 Winterthur

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» GPS coordinates: 47.4889778, 8.703454

Tel. +41 52 511 33 16