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5 advantages of recycling electrodes:

  • Cost savings: Recycling reduces your purchasing costs.
  • An eco-aware approach: We support companies to achieve a “Greener Way Forward”.
  • Boosting efficiency: Recycling or regrinding? We analyse the processes involved.
  • A motivational booster: “Ecology first” – thanks to our tried and tested recycling system.
  • Practicality: A swifter and simpler way to recycle.

When processing, the higher the component quality, the more crucial it becomes to use the right tools of the right quality. And never more so than for extensive industrial welding work. And it goes without saying that welding technicians need electrodes that are ultra-reliable and of uncompromising quality of their electrodes to meet the most stringent product standards.


Advantages of Recycling Electrodes in Detail

Advantage 1 – Cost savings
Recycled electrodes will cut your expenses. We reimburse our customers between 5 and 10% of all costs when they return used electrodes to us instead of disposing of them. Do this in bulk and economies of scale will escalate your savings further!

Advantage 2 – Environmentally compatible
Our strategy and actions are part of an eco-aware approach that underpins all we do. Recycling isn’t just good for the environment – it can also save you money. Is your company certified according to DIN ISO 14001 for its environmental management? Or are you targeting it soon? Recycling your electrodes is a great “Green” step along the way.

Advantage 3 – Efficiency boost
We offer customers a risk analysis to assess whether regrinding makes sense for the processes in use. Recycling electrodes can be a genuine alternative to regrinding for customers where the finest quality is non-negotiable.

Advantage 4 – Motivational boost
Once you have a good reason to recycle electrodes, the motivation to actually make it happen soars. And you can announce your eco-aware credentials even more effectively with a recycling process in place.

Advantage 5 – Practicality
We like the watchwords “Swifter and Simpler”. Into the box – out of the box – containment/freedom: We make recycling the electrodes as easy as possible for companies.

Download: Recycling Electrodes (PDF)

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