Wolfram Industrie TRIAMET®
Tungsten-based heavy metal

We shape our heavy metal products right here on site in Germany.

And TRIAMET® can be individually tailored precisely as our customers wish.

Unlike most of our rivals, we don’t just trade our products – we manufacture them ourselves in house. We develop and produce metallurgically superior and technically intelligent solutions made of tungsten directly in our German plants. Our knowledge, expertise and experience make us the go-to partner when companies have special bespoke requirements for tungsten-based heavy metals.

We’ll even develop our TRIAMET® products from a batch size of one for customer and application-oriented solutions.

Forms of delivery – more flexible thanks to experience

Delivery forms that vary as much as the companies we work with. We offer ready-machined fittings according to drawings and the semi-finished products in the form of rods, plates and blocks tailored to the respective process. We also supply blanks worldwide and at short notice, accommodating excess lengths, special thicknesses and round, octagonal or square shapes.

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