Tungsten electrodes –
with that Made-in-Germany quality

We strive to provide the best electrodes for our welding industry customers with peace of mind on both sides

Welding in quality with the right way forward

Top of mind when supplying our tungsten and tungsten alloy electrodes is to ensure top-quality welding for product and welder alike.

We achieve this by respecting the following six criteria:

  • Unrivalled material purity: Long-term cooperation and partnership underpins our raw material supply chains. The trust we’ve earned and regular quality control pave the way to produce the finest-quality electrodes.
  • Consistent product quality: Thanks to in-house development, production and monitoring our electrodes even after the sale, we remain focused on the bigger picture and the entire production cycle. Our consistent results come from ongoing excellence and deploying specialist staff with the right expertise.
  • Durable strength properties: Using the finest-quality raw materials is a cornerstone of the tungsten electrodes we make. Combining this quality with the latest manufacturing processes is how we extend the service life.
  • High delivery reliability: Maintaining a regional production facility and sourcing our tungsten powder from Europe shield us from global supply chain pressures.
  • Short delivery times: We follow our service philosophy “providing from a one-stop source” to the letter when dealing with customers. And this is how we expedite deliveries, by leveraging direct communication channels and delivery ex works.
  • Individually adaptable: Not just producing in house but responding too. We know how volatile industry requirements can be. And that’s why we can also tailor the manufacturing process to suit customer requirements.
„Quality is about the customer coming back, not the product.”

Henry Ford

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