Our high-temperature applications:
hot in every sense of the word

Heating elements made of tungsten and molybdenum

Heating elements with specific features

We develop and produce technically intelligent tungsten and molybdenum solutions, for example when constructing all-metallic furnaces. Entirely according to your requirements, we optimise heating elements by alloying and adding rare earths. Here are some stand-out features:

  • Highest purity
  • Outstanding dimensional stability
  • Exceptional creep resistance
  • Excellent corrosion resistance and usable at operating temperatures that may peak at up to 2,800 degrees Celsius

High maximum application temperatures (1500°C to 2800°C), long lifespan and a definable response to gases and furnace materials make tungsten and molybdenum the first choice when it comes to all-metal furnace construction (heating materials, heating cable, annealing boats and more). The surface load of wires is up to 20 watts per square centimetre. And offering customised alloys is also a pleasure.


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