Strategy, Vision, and Ambition


Our vision is to create an environment where people can live, work, and feel good. We strive to be the market leader in our niche, proud of our “Made in Germany” label and our recognition as a top employer. Our group identity strengthens our shared culture.

Employees / Recruiting:

As a top employer, we attract the best talent and offer flexible working conditions to better balance family and career. Through active recruiting and effective communication, we enhance our attractiveness, fill open positions efficiently, and promote lifelong learning.

Locations / Infrastructure:

We promote collaboration within the group and provide modern, attractive work environments.

Product Portfolio:

As technology leaders and niche manufacturers “Made in Germany,” we continuously expand our position as a leading consulting and service provider. We optimize our processes through lean material flows and work with exotic metals to meet customer demands.

Digitalization / Future:

We focus on modern digital customer interaction and continuously optimize our web presence and internal processes to remain efficient and future-proof.


At Wolfram Industrie, our values are deeply rooted in our commitment to building genuine relationships with our customers, employees, and suppliers. We take our responsibility towards people and the environment seriously, and this is reflected in our daily operations and long-term goals.

1. Customer Focus:

  • We strive to be the global leader in service and quality for tungsten-based products.
  • We understand and speak the language of our customers.
  • We maintain a trustworthy and handshake-based relationship with our customers.

2. Employee Commitment:

  • We communicate with all employees on an equal footing.
  • We foster loyal and supportive relationships within our team.
  • We provide sustainable and future-oriented perspectives for our employees.

3. Environmental Responsibility:

  • We recognize our role in environmental protection as an industrial company.
  • We think sustainably, from large-scale initiatives to detailed actions.
  • We adhere to important guidelines and meet ecological standards.

Our success is built on the dedication of our team, who work daily to meet our customers‘ needs and develop innovative solutions. By aligning our actions with the values of responsibility, loyalty, and sustainability, we aim to be the service and quality leader in our field.

Strong and Differentiated Advantage

As a family-owned company, Wolfram Industrie stands out with its flat hierarchies and short communication paths, enabling quick and effective decision-making. With over 100 years of experience in the production and processing of tungsten products, we are a reliable partner committed to handshake-quality agreements.

Since 1911, we have been developing and producing metallurgically superior and technically advanced products from tungsten and molybdenum in Traunstein and Dachau. Our dedication to innovation and quality sets us apart from competitors who rely on standardized, low-cost production solutions. We tailor our services to meet the unique needs and requirements of our customers and continuously optimize our processes and products through research, development, and testing.

As a family-run business in its fourth generation, our name stands for quality and reliability. Our deep expertise and passion for detail enable us to harness the complex properties of tungsten and molybdenum to deliver the desired products to our customers. This extensive experience and commitment to excellent craftsmanship make us the world’s leading provider of high-quality tungsten products.

News and Innovations

We’ve bolstered our innovation efforts with our in-house R&D department and the establishment of Wolfram Industrie’s new location in Winterthur in 2018. This expansion aims to enhance local services for welding electrodes, measurement and erosion technology, and radiation shielding materials. The focus in Winterthur is on R&D for application technology in arc processes, including new ergonomic workstation designs and advancements in tungsten electrode regrinding and welding techniques.