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DOTIMET® (tungsten granulate)

DOTIMET®, the tungsten granulate that adapts to your requirements.


We meet your specific requirements for tungsten granulate and supply our DOTIMET® as bulk material with the following characteristics:

These characteristics can be taken into account individually or jointly depending on the field of application.

DOTIMET®-tungsten particles with a high bulk weight
While massive work pieces made of steel or iron only have a density of no more than 7.8 g/cm³, the bulk weight of densely sintered tungsten particles can be higher even as closely packed bulk material. Coarse crystalline DOTIMET® tungsten granulates have a bulk weight of 8 to 10.5 g/cm³ depending on the grain size distribution. Tungsten particles made from forged rods can even exceed these density values. That is why DOTIMET® tungsten particles with a high bulk weight are commonly used for versatile mass balancing. They produce greater mass forces in the same space compared to massive steel components and offer the additional benefit of intrinsic mobility, which is particularly advantageous for damping applications.

DOTIMET® – tungsten powder as a chemical additive

Using tungsten as a chemical additive means additional requirements have to be met due to the conditions of use. Special abrasion resistance demands have to be met in addition to the grain sizes of 0.5 to 2 mm required here. Our densely sintered DOTIMET® powders meet these requirements particularly well. Furthermore, the material must be C and S-free. This difficult to meet requirement is precisely monitored in DOTIMET® production with the most exact analysis methods. The coarse DOTIMET® granulate used here exhibits the following characteristics:

Grain size 0,5 – 2 mm
Residual C-content <5 ppm
Residual S-content <3 ppm

DOTIMET® has a small specific surface area, with a carbon and sulphur content that can be specifically reduced to a minimum for chemical analysis applications.

Another special feature of our tungsten granulate: it effectively shields against electromagnetic radiation and can be used wherever this is required.