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Tungsten Granulate (DOTIMET®) for Special Applications

DOTIMET®. Tungsten granulate as small, fine and pure as you need it.


Tungsten powders are obtained from tungsten acid in a reduction process. The grain size of the metallic tungsten powder depends on the grain size of the tungsten acid and the reduction conditions. The primary grain is very fine and has a grain size less than 0.01 mm with few exceptions. Due to its grain shape, fineness and surface, it also has a low bulk weight compared to the density of tungsten. This weight is generally between 2.5 and 4 g/cm3.

However, certain technical fields of application require tungsten powder with significantly coarser grain sizes, much higher bulk weights and in part also with especially high chemical purity and good abrasion resistance.

DOTIMET® is our granulate made of sintered tungsten featuring a very high density and abrasion resistance. It is available in sorted grain sizes with different bulk weights and strike densities, and by request also with a minimal carbon and sulphur content.