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Tungsten-based heavy metals with a binder phase (TRIAMET®)

TRIAMET® heavy metals – we make them do more for you.


All TRIAMET® heavy metals are tungsten-based composite materials with a metallic binder phase. This binder phase is made of different constituents depending on the TRIAMET® family and determines the mechanical properties to a large extent.

The main constituents are
• TRIAMET® S: tungsten, nickel and copper
• TRIAMET® G: tungsten, nickel and iron

The density of our TRlAMET® materials is in the range of 13.9 to 18.9 g/cm³. As the proportion of the binder phase increases, so does the ductility and elongation at break. Higher densities and strengths are produced with lower proportions.

Notwithstanding its high density, TRlAMET® materials can be processed readily and economically using common processing methods. In addition to good machinability, powder metallurgy production conserves material.

The excellent vibration damping properties are based on the high modulus of elasticity and the microstructure. Furthermore, good elevated-temperature resistance and a low thermal expansion coefficient make applications such as tools in hot forming and joining technology possible.

Thanks to the absorption capacity for high-energy electromagnetic radiation, TRIAMET® heavy metals are also suitable for radiation protection applications.





With TRIAMET® A, we developed a high-performance material especially for light metal casting, making problems with dimensional stability, fire cracks and adhesion a thing of the past.