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TZM with a composition of 0.5%Ti, 0.08%Zr, 0.03%C and Mo is among the most commonly used molybdenum alloys. It is produced either in a powder metallurgy or arc melting process, has a higher recrystallisation temperature and higher strength compared to pure molybdenum, and is readily deformable even at room temperature. These effects are due to mixed crystal formation between Mo and Ti as well as the precipitation of ZrC as a dispersoid.

Thanks to the special material properties, the application possibilities for TZM are numerous (for instance vacuum furnaces, X-ray technology and more):

  • High thermal conductivity
  • Low vapour pressure
  • Good resistance against corrosion
  • Various mechanical processing options

Optimum application temperatures lie between 700 and 1400°C in a non-oxidising atmosphere.